Learning as an enabler

Our agenda is transformation … moving the learner from knowing – to doing – to being … ready to put the learning into practice in the workplace.

What we know about the science of learning transfer and changing behaviour is that learning is not an event but a process. There are many components that need to work together to unlock great learning and great results.

What is learning?

Learning is a physical process that enables us to adapt, to grow and to thrive. It is innately linked to physical and biological processes in the brain. When we apply the neuroscience of learning – the biological and physiological elements of how our brain works – there are four variables that we need to make learning stick, namely: Attention, Generation, Emotion and Spacing.

Our solutions draw on leading disciplines, theories and models of neuroscience, experiential and game-based learning, and the science of building good habits, in order to increase the effectiveness of learning and facilitate a lasting change in behaviour.