Public workshop schedule

We are very excited to announce that, in response to high demand, we have relaunched our Public Workshop Schedule.

The Association for Talent Development’s (ATD, formerly ASTD) 2013 State of the Industry Report revealed that U.S. organisations spent $164.2 billion on employee development which is a clear indication that learning and development is still at the heart of driving strategic differentiation through a skilled workforce. Today, investment in employee and personal development is achieved using multi-modal solutions to effectively meet business challenges. This is coupled with a clear focus on Return-on-Learning-Investment, a very important factor for organisations.

It is estimated that 80% of what people learn during workshops can be classified as “scrap learning”, which simply means it doesn’t get applied and transferred back in the day-to-day activities, and evidence-based achievements are not tracked. It is therefore vital that learning experiences are designed to maximise the absorption of learning content and drive real change in performance back in the workplace.

So what are the benefits of attending The Performance Hub’s learning experiences?

  1. They provide you with the latest information on key issues concerning the subject matter
  2. They are delivered by highly experienced facilitators, experts in their own respective fields
  3. They are immersive, interactive instructor-led workshops with real-life case studies and action planning
  4. Good practice content curation by our team ensures course content that is particularly relevant for global and local settings
  5. Creation of learning communities from like-minded delegates
  6. They stimulate the exchange of thought leadership, experiences, ideas and insights which will help delegates benchmark their own and organisational practices
  7. They provide practical guidelines to transfer the learning back into day-to-day activities

We have carefully selected and designed our offering to align with the business imperatives and rapidly complex business environment we operate in. As indicated by the recent research conducted by American Management Survey (AMA), at every level of an organisation individuals need to excel at the “four Cs”: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, in order to compete on a global level.

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