About us

The Performance Hub (TPH) is a South African based, privately owned and profit driven, performance enhancement consultancy. We partner with our clients to achieve their business performance objectives, through the development of skilled, motivated and highly engaged individuals and teams. By building competencies required in high performing cultures, we assist our clients to achieve a competitive advantage.

We are an organisation with deep roots… We started out as a training organisation in 2001, and over the years have evolved into a performance enhancement consultancy, in response to the changing client and market requirements. Today, we have a well established market position and a reputable client base.

The organisation has worked with, and continues to work with, clients across a variety of business sectors, most of whom have remained loyal to the organisation since inception 13 years ago. Clients have always been at the centre of our growth and transformation. We are committed to building deep partnerships with our clients, and staying closely in touch with their changing needs. In essence, we are an organisation that learns all the time, cares about the value it creates, how it creates it, and the impact we have on all our stakeholders.